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Bản Tin Ngày 16 Tháng 9 Năm 2014:

Vietnam urged to tackle 'alarming' rate of police abuse
HANOI (Reuters) - Abuses by Vietnam's powerful police force are occurring at an alarming rate, a rights group said on Tuesday, and it urged the government to rein in offenders and create agencies to investigate complaints of beatings, torture and killings. Tracking four years of alleged abuse of suspects in custody, the New York-based Human Rights Watch (HRW) said Vietnam's Communist government Reuters Sep 16

China rig finds gas after Vietnam sea standoff
The Chinese exploration rig at the center of a tense maritime standoff with Vietnam earlier this year has made its first deep sea gas discovery in the politically volatile South China Sea, state media announced Tuesday. The discovery by China National Offshore Oil Corp. was made about a month after its rig withdrew in July from Vietnam's exclusive economic zone to far less-contested waters closer to China. The find by CNOOC's two-year-old, $1 billion deep sea rig is about 150 kilometers south of China's southernmost island of Hainan. Associated Press - Sep-16-2014

India-Vietnam offshore oil-exploration agreement faces China wall
Chinese government sources said Beijing is prepared to severely oppose India’s “newfound enthusiasm” for Vietnam after defence deals with another rival, Japan The Times of India   Sep 16

Vietnam, US restart adoptions after 6-year ban
HANOI, Vietnam – American parents will be allowed to adopt Vietnamese children again, authorities said Tuesday, September 16, ending a six-year ban imposed after allegations of baby-selling and fraud but with new restrictions. Two American agencies have been awarded licenses but new US adoptions will be limited to children over   Sep 16

India, Vietnam for peaceful South China Sea, $15 bn trade
Hanoi, Sep 15 (IANS) Firming up their relationship at a higher level, India and Vietnam Monday called for a peaceful, unfettered South China Sea, inked seven agreements including for direct Delhi-Hanoi flights and an extended line of credit for purchase of military equipment, as they set a target of $15 billion bilateral trade by 2020 with a focus on tourism, garments and textiles ... IANS Sep 15

Vietnam drug addicts escape rehab
At least 400 drug addicts escape from a rehabilitation centre in northern Vietnam where they were receiving compulsory treatment. BBC News   Sep 15

India tightens Vietnam defence, oil ties ahead of China Xi's visit
By Frank Jack Daniel NEW DELHI (Reuters) - India extended a $100 million export credit to Vietnam for defence deals and tightened energy ties on Monday, signaling a more confident foreign policy ahead of a visit this week by China's President Xi Jinping. India's new accords with one of China's rivals for influence in the South China Sea came as Xi visited the nearby islands of Sri Lanka and the ... Reuters Sep 15

Vietnam Police Use Torture to Extract Confessions, HRW Says
Vietnamese police allegedly abuse and sometimes torture people in custody for crimes as minor as traffic violations and are rarely disciplined for a practice that has lead to deaths of detainees, Human Rights Watch said. Bloomberg   Sep 15


Bản Tin Ngày 11 Tháng 9 Năm 2014:

Asia arms up to counter growing Chinese might
BEIJING (AP) — Vietnam has nearly doubled its military spending, Japan is requesting its biggest-ever defense budget and the Philippines is rushing to piece together a viable navy Associated Press - Sep 11

Vatican sees closer Vietnam ties as bridge to Asia
The Vatican said Thursday it was committed to reestablishing diplomatic ties with Vietnam as part of a bid to better relations with Asia in general. Pope Francis is keen for the Church to tap into Asia, a continent where the number of Catholics, currently just 3.2 percent of the population, is rocketing. During his five-day visit to South Korea in August -- his first trip to Asia -- the pope  AFP - Sep 11...

Vietnam accuses China of beating fishermen
HANOI, Vietnam (AP) — Vietnam has accused Chinese authorities of beating several of its fishermen and demanded severe punishment for those involved. China denied the allegation on Wednesday and said the fishermen had been detained for illegal fishing. Associated Press -  Sep 10

Vietnam Says Chinese Vessels Attacked Fishermen Near Paracels
Vietnam demanded compensation after Chinese boats allegedly rammed and robbed its fishing boats and beat some members of their crews, fanning tensions already inflamed by territorial disputes. Bloomberg   Sep 10

China Disputes Vietnam Claims Its Vessels Rammed Fishing Boats
Vietnam should prevent illegal fishing in Chinese waters, China's foreign ministry said, dismissing claims its boats attacked Vietnamese fishermen near disputed islands in the South China Sea. Vietnam's foreign ministry said Sept. 9 that it demanded compensation after Chinese vessels last month rammed and robbed three fishing vessels off the Paracel Islands, known as the Xisha Islands in Chinese Bloomberg Sep 10

Samsung Vietnam Phone Leap Has Farmhand Living a Dream
Nguyen Thanh Hai spent long days picking water spinach in northeast Vietnam for $3 a day. That was before the 28-year-old joined a Samsung Electronics Co. (005930) smartphone assembly line in March. Bloomberg   Sep 10


Bản Tin Ngày 5 Tháng 9 Năm 2014:

Vietnam vessels detained for illegal fishing
HMTS Tak Bai escorted the vessels to a harbour under Second Naval Area Command in Songkhla province. The Vietnamese vessels were caught fishing around Bong Kod Tai drilling rig in the Gulf of ... -   Sep 05

Vietnam protests Chinese tourist trip to disputed island
Cruise ship The Coconut Princess left China on Tuesday with 216 tourists aboard for 4-day trip to Paracel islands, which Vietnam also claims Gulf News   Sep 04

Review: 'Last Days of Vietnam' shows Saigon's fall
There are many differences between America's troubled exit from Iraq and its ramshackle retreat from Vietnam. But the U.S. flight from Saigon as seen in Rory Kennedy's documentary "Last Days in Vietnam" has incredible, unmistakable resonance on the political, ethical and military confusion that - Associated Press Sep 04

Vietnam stadium cave-in blamed on 'pitiful' building
A Vietnamese sport official on Thursday blamed "pitiful" construction at an antiquated stadium for a dramatic ceiling collapse midway through an international badminton tournament. Thanks to the quick work of a match referee, no-one was injured when 40 square metres (430 square feet) of plaster ceiling collapsed onto the court in a cloud of debris at the Phan Dinh Phung Stadium in Ho Chi Minh - AFP Sep 04

‘Last Days in Vietnam’ is a testament to American courage
On April 29, 1975, US radio in Saigon played Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas” — code known to thousands of Americans living there that it was time to evacuate. Amazing details... New York Post   Sep 03

Vietnam Shows No Sign of Releasing Political Prisoners
Authorities in Vietnam have shown no signs they plan to release any political prisoners during the country's annual amnesty marking the nation’s independence day. Several political and non-political prisoners are traditionally pardoned on or around September 2. But unlike previous years, Vietnamese state media has yet to announce the official number of detainees set to be released nationwide ... Voice of America   Sep 03


Bản Tin Ngày 3 Tháng 9 Năm 2014:

Saigon Beating Hanoi Four Decades After Vietnam War
Almost four decades after the Vietnam War ended, Saigon has turned the tables on Hanoi, outstripping its conqueror in investment and growth. The former southern capital, renamed Ho Chi Minh City but still widely known by its prewar name, contributes almost a quarter of the country's gross domestic product and the market capitalization of its stock index is seven times Hanoi's. Now, Saigon is ... Bloomberg Sep 03

Vietnam Shows No Sign of Releasing Political Prisoners
Authorities in Vietnam have shown no signs they plan to release any political prisoners during the country's annual amnesty marking the nation’s independence day. Several political and non-political prisoners are traditionally pardoned on or around September 2. But unlike previous years, Vietnamese state media has yet to announce the official number of detainees set to be released nationwide Voice of America   Sep 03


Bản Tin Ngày 1 Tháng 9 Năm 2014:

Tensions Still Simmer Between Vietnam, China
Last week Vietnam sent a senior official to China in a bid to ease simmering tensions caused by maritime territorial disputes in the South China Sea. Beijing and Hanoi have tried to mend ties three months after a Chinese oil rig was deployed off the coast of Vietnam, setting off deadly riots and straining ties between the two neighbors. A trip by a high-ranking member of Vietnam’s Communist ... VOA News   Sep 01

Former refugee Hieu Van Le sworn in as South Australia's governor during official ceremony
Former Vietnam refugee Hieu Van Le has been sworn in as South Australia's new Governor at an official ceremony at the Adelaide Convention Centre. ABC Sep 1


Bản Tin Ngày 28 Tháng 8 Năm 2014:

China-Vietnam tensions 'likely to ease'
China and Vietnam reached a fragile truce that should ease bilateral tensions, which escalated in May when a Chinese oil rig was parked in disputed waters and led Hanoi to consider taking the South China Sea dispute to an international court, say analysts Asia News Network - Aug 29

China And Vietnam Agree on Territorial Talks After Oil Rig Spat  
China and Vietnam agreed to negotiate on their South China Sea disputes without backing away from territorial claims that have caused a rift ... Bloomberg  - Aug 28

China, Vietnam say they'll negotiate sea disputes  
The countries say they're committed to negotiating maritime disputes to avoid a recurrence of tensions. TVNZ  - Aug 28

Vietnam tackles high abortion rates  
In Vietnam, 40 percent of all pregnancies are terminated each year, a rate that health officials are hoping to reduce. Al Jazeera  - Aug 28

These ancient manuscripts show China dominated Vietnam in the 1800s, too
One of Chinese officials and diplomats favorite, oft-cited historical fact is that for many centuries, China has not been a colonizing power (link in Chinese), but has instead been a frequent victim of colonialism by Western powers as well as Japan. For several centuries before the fall of the Qing… Quartz


Bản Tin Ngày 27 Tháng 8 Năm 2014:

China says wants to mend ties with Vietnam: Xinhua  
BEIJING (Reuters) - China's President Xi Jinping told a special envoy from Vietnam on Wednesday that both countries should be "friendly to ... Reuters -  Aug 27

China, Vietnam Say They'll Negotiate Sea Disputes  
China, Vietnam commit to negotiating sea disputes after Chinese oil rig sparked tensions - ABC News  - Aug 27

Casinos in Vietnam May Gain Local Gamblers in State Revenue Push
Vietnam is drawing closer to allowing its citizens to gamble in the nation’s casinos as the government tries to boost revenue and compete for regional gaming investment. Bloomberg - Aug 27

US criticizes Vietnam convictions of dissidents  
HANOI, Vietnam (AP) — The United States has expressed alarm over prison terms handed down against three Vietnamese democracy activists for ... - Associated Press – Aug 26

U.S. alarmed as Vietnam jails dissidents for blocking traffic
The United States expressed alarm over Vietnam's jailing of three activists on Tuesday for obstructing traffic, charges described by rights groups as trumped-up and aimed at crushing freedom of expression. – Reuters – Aug 26


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