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Bản Tin Ngày 17 Tháng 10 Năm 2014:

China, Vietnam pledge to 'address and control' maritime disputes
BEIJING (Reuters) - China and Vietnam have agreed to "address and control" maritime disputes, state media said on Friday, as differences over the potentially energy-rich South China Sea have roiled relations between the two countries and other neighbors. Ties between the Communist countries sank to a three-decade low this year after China deployed a $1 billion-oil rig to the disputed waters which straddle key shipping lanes. Vietnam claims the portion of the sea as its exclusive economic zone, and the rig's deployment sparked a wave of violent protests in Vietnam. ... Reuters Oct 17

Communist Vietnam's Neo-Colonizing Policies Must Be Stopped to Prevent the Destabilization of Southeast Asia and the ...

PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 17, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- A Southeast Asia Conference was recently held in Washington, D.C., featuring diverse, local and international, speakers from Hawaii, Thailand and France as well as Laotians, Khmers, Montagnards and Americans with related... PR Newswire  

Vietnam invites India for 132nd session of Inter-Parliamentary Union assembly

Vietnam has invited Indian Parliamentary delegation to participate in the 132nd session of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) Assembly scheduled in Hanoi in March next year.  The Economic Times   Oct 16

Lightbridge and Vietnam Sign Agreement for Comprehensive Consulting Support on Nuclear Research Reactor Development
HANOI, Vietnam -- Lightbridge Corporation , a U.S. nuclear energy company, and the Vietnam Atomic Energy Institute (VINATOM) today signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement for consulting services related GlobeNewswire -   Oct 16 07:30pm

Vietnam church gets involved in national and international issues
Bishop Paul Nguyen Thai Hop of northern Vinh diocese heads the Episcopal Commission for Justice and Peace. (NCR photo) National Catholic Reporter   Oct 16 01:26pm

Vietnam preps for medical makeover to recoup lost billions in healthcare
By Mai Nguyen HANOI (Reuters) - With Vietnam's public hospitals stretched beyond their limits and private healthcare a fledgling sector, there's billions to be made courting deep-pocketed Vietnamese for medical treatment overseas. It's a tidy niche that one former Vietnamese medical student carved out for herself. She made $3,200 a month - 20 times the average income of her peers - working the ... Reuters - Oct 14


Bản Tin Ngày 13 Tháng 10 Năm 2014:

Vietnam's PM looking to boost trade ties with the EU hours
As part of his Europe tour, Vietnam's PM Nguyen Tan Dung is also visiting Germany. In a bid to reduce the over-reliance of his country's economy on China, the premier aims to push forward the EU-Vietnam free trade deal. Deutsche Welle  - Oct 13

Vietnam eyes Cebu as ESL destination
Cebu City, Cebu — The Vietnamese government is eyeing to explore more opportunities for mutual exchange between their government and Cebu specifically in the education sector, a top Vietnamese envoy said. Truong Trieu Duong, Ambassador of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam to the Philippines said that their country is keen on boosting education ties with Cebu citing the high English proficiency Manila Bulletin Oct 13

Malaysia plans rubber roads as producers struggle to lift prices
Malaysia to build rubberised roads from June 2015 * Vietnam says supports price floor of $1.50/kg * Growers in Vietnam halt new planting ... Reuters  - Oct 13

Vietnam joins European seafood trade web
Vietnam will join the Trade Control and Expert System (TRACES) in granting certificates for seafood exports to the European Union (EU), the government portal chinhphu Asia News Network   Oct 12

Heart disease on the rise as Vietnam pays price of development

Vietnam has seen an alarming increase in cases of hypertension and heart disease following its rapid socio-economic development in recent ... Asia News Network  - Oct 12


Bản Tin Ngày 10 Tháng 10 Năm 2014:

China’s Airstrip in Paracel Islands Heightens Vietnam Tensions
China’s completion of an upgraded airstrip in the disputed Paracel Islands gives it another foothold in the South China Sea and risks sparking a renewed diplomatic rift with communist neighbor Vietnam. Bloomberg   Oct 10

Japan, Vietnam vow to settle maritime disputes
Japan and Vietnam on Friday reaffirmed their common position to settle maritime disputes through peaceful means based on international law    ABS-CBN   Oct 10

Statistics key for Vietnam growth, says Japanese expert
Vietnam should spend more on compiling a statistics system to back socio-economic development, President of the International Association for Official Statistics (IAOS), Shigeru Kawasaki told Viet Nam News at aconference in the central city of Danang yesterday Asia News Network   Oct 08

Vietnamese to continue working in South Korea
Labour officials of Vietnam and the Republic of Korea plan to continue the Employment Permit System (EPS) programme, which sends Vietnamese workers to South Korea Asia News Network   Oct 09

Protests result in little
A five-day protest aimed at demanding an apology from Vietnam for comments made by a former embassy spokesman wrapped up yesterday. But while the rallies brought petitions, flag-burning and even an alleged death threat, it seemed to bring demonstrators no closer to their goal. Phnom Penh Post   Oct 08


Bản Tin Ngày 9 Tháng 10 Năm 2014:

Study: Vietnamese, Chinese choose capitalist road
Enthusiasm for free markets runs higher in communist China and Vietnam than in traditional capitalist bastions the United States and United Kingdom, the Pew Research Center reports. A world-topping 95 ... Associated Press Oct 09

Hijackers Release Vietnam Oil Tanker After Stealing Diesel Cargo
Pirates released a Vietnamese oil tanker and its 18 crew members yesterday after siphoning part of its diesel cargo, according to the coast guard. Bloomberg   Oct 09

Vietnam-flagged tanker released by pirates  
A Vietnam-flagged tanker was hijacked by gun-toting pirates who stole part of the vessel's cargo of oil before releasing the ship and its ... AFP – Oct 8

Missing Vietnamese oil tanker released by pirates  
HANOI, Vietnam (AP) — A Vietnamese oil tanker missing for a week was released by pirates who stormed the ship and siphoned off some of its ... Associated Press – Oct 8

Vietnam rice exports to rise by 6 per cent, says FAO
The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) has predicted that Vietnam's rice exports would increase by six per cent year-on-year to 6.9 million tonnes in 2014. The organisation attrib ..... Asia News Network   Oct 08

Samsung takes dominance in the TV panel and electronics industry into Vietnam
Samsung recently announced an investment of $560 million to build a new TV manufacturing plant in Vietnam, confirming the dominance of Asian countries in the TV panel and electronics industry. Samsung....... Oct 08

EU could ban Vietnam produce if imports fail on food safety
The European Commission (EU) has warned that it will ban the import of Vietnamese fruits and vegetables if Vietnam does not comply with EU's food standards, reports the Ministry of Industry and Trade's Department for the European Market Asia News Network   Oct 08

Foreign drivers need Vietnam permits
Most foreign tourists or residents who rent motorcycles do not have Vietnamese driving licences and are unaware of Vietnamese traffic laws Asia News Network   Oct 08

Rights Activists Question US Arms Sales to Vietnam
The announcement last week that the United States is partially lifting an arms ban on Vietnam has been welcomed as an important step in warming ties between the two nations. However, human rights activists have criticized the move. Despite coming just months after a Chinese oil rig stationed in waters also claimed by Vietnam sparked a tense stand-off between the two countries, the State ... Voice of America   Oct 07

China builds military airstrip on disputed island: Xinhua
Beijing has completed a runway for military aircraft on a South China Sea island also claimed by Vietnam, state-run media reported, as it asserts its territorial claims in the area AFP via Yahoo! News   Oct 07

Coffee Harvest in Vietnam Seen Expanding to Almost Match Record
Coffee growers in Vietnam, the biggest producer of robusta beans used by Nestle SA, are set to reap an almost record harvest, providing some relief to a global shortage that’s driven prices to the highest since May. Bloomberg   Oct 07


Bản Tin Ngày 7 Tháng 10 Năm 2014:

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Vietnam tanker sinks, 14 missing
Fourteen sailors are feared to have died after their oil tanker capsized in rough seas off the coast of Vietnam, maritime authorities have said.  Oct 7

Vietnam's workforce lacks professionalism, experts say
Vietnam's low labour productivity reflects more the lack of proper training and professionalism than a lack of diligence, experts and ... The Nation -  Oct 5s

Vietnam-flagged tanker goes missing, hijack feared
A Vietnam-flagged tanker has gone missing en route from Singapore to the Vietnamese port of Quang Tri and is feared hijacked, a world piracy watchdog said on Tuesday  AFP - Oct 7

BBC News - Vietnam tanker and 18 crew missing amid piracy fears
A Vietnamese oil tanker has gone missing en route to Vietnam from Singapore, prompting fears that pirates may be responsible. The Sunrise-689 was carrying ... Oct 07, 2014 


Bản Tin Ngày 23 Tháng 9 Năm 2014:

Exclusive: Courting Vietnam, U.S. prepares to ease arms embargo – Reuters 2hours ago
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Nearly 40 years after the United States helicoptered its last soldiers out of Vietnam in an ignominious retreat, Washington is moving closer to lifting an arms embargo on its former enemy, with initial sales likely to help Hanoi deal with growing naval challenges from China.

Vietnam can tap on Singapore’s experience as regional hub: ESM Goh - Channel NewsAsia   Sep 23
BAC NINH, Vietnam: Singapore’s Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong said that Vietnam could tap on Singapore's experience as a regional hub to reform and transform its banking and tourism sectors.


Bản Tin Ngày 21 Tháng 9 Năm 2014:

Vietnam debates sex work: 'social evil' or legitmate job?
For Vietnamese sex workers like Do Thi Oanh, being caught touting for business used to carry a long stint in forced "rehabilitation", but as fines replace detention, many detect a shifting attitude towards the world's oldest profession. AFP via Yahoo! News   Sep 21

Vietnam's wood sector confronts hard situation
Although Vietnam ranks second worldwide in wood exports, local consumers say they lack access to Vietnamese-made furniture that is both stylish and reasonably priced, Tin tuc (News) newspaper reported late last week   Asia News Network   Sep 21

Expressway to link Vietnam and China opens
Hanoi, Sep 21 (IANS) Vietnam's longest expressway connecting Noi Bai in capital Hanoi and the north-western Lao Cai province, bordering China, with a total length of 245 km, officially opened to traffic Sunday. IANS Sep 21

Russia-Vietnam Bilateral Talks Bolster Industrial Cooperation
Russia will supply two Sukhoi Superjets to Vietnam, as agreed at the 17th session of the Russia-Vietnam Inter-Governmental Commission, where the two countries discussed collaboration on several industrial projects, Russia's Deputy Industry and Trade Minister Viktor Evtukhov said Saturday   Russian Information Agency Novosti   Sep 21

Relations between India, Vietnam have been 'cloudless'
President: I am happy to address you on the conclusion of my highly successful visit to Vietnam from September 14-17, 2014. As you are aware, I was accompanied on this visit by Minister of State for Petroleum & Natural Gas Dharmendra Pradhan and a multi-party delegation of Members of Parliament comprising K V Thomas, P C Mohan, Supriya Sadanand Sule, Bhartruhari Mahtab, Parvesh Sahib Singh and ... Business Standard India   Sep 20


Bản Tin Ngày 18 Tháng 9 Năm 2014:

Vietnam jails 4 policemen in death of suspect  
HANOI, Vietnam (AP) — A Vietnamese court sentenced four policemen on Thursday to up to 17 years in prison for beating a suspect to death, in ... AP Sep 18

Vietnam lures more British tourists  
Vietnam has become an interesting and attractive tourist destination for visitors from Europe, especially the United Kingdom (UK) Asia News Network  Sep 18

Journalists in Vietnam prevented from reporting on police brutality
Police throughout Vietnam assault and torture people in their custody, in some cases leading to death, according to a new report compiled by Human Rights Watch (HRW). The Guardian Sep 17

India will always stand by Vietnam: President   
On Board Air India One, Sep 17 (IANS) India has always stood by Vietnam and will continue to do so, President Pranab Mukherjee said ... IANS - Sep 17

Vietnam oil blocks promising, says petroleum minister
On board Air India One, Sep 17 (IANS) The oil blocks offered to India by Vietnam seem promising, according to initial studies, and should not present a problem as they are well in the southeastern Asian country's territorial waters, Petroleum and Natural Gas Minister Dharmendra Pradhan said Wednesday. He also said Vietnam can become a big market for fibre yarn, a by-product of India's ...IANS - Sep 17

India-Vietnam Ties are Infinite: President Pranab Mukherjee
In the backdrop of India signing seven pacts with Vietnam, President Pranab Mukherjee yesterday said the scale of mutual cooperation between the two countries is "infinite". NDTV - Sep 16



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