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Bản Tin Ngày 28 Tháng 7 Năm 2014:

Vietnamese Staging Chinese Product Boycott After Oil Rig Spat
China recently pulled an oil rig from an area of the disputed South China Sea that Vietnam also claims. Despite the action, the incident has had a lingering effect on consumers in Vietnam. VOA's Reasey Poch reports from Hanoi on an effort to boycott Chinese products – VOA July 28

Vietnam Uses Rap to Capture Young Audience
HANOI — Despite government controls, the Vietnamese media industry is evolving as it faces growing competition from digital content. One website has come up with an innovative way to woo young audiences - by rapping the news. VOA – July 28

Vietnam: Cats Being 'Drowned, Shaved, Burned and Fried with Garlic'
Cats are being drowned, shaved, burned then fried with garlic at restaurants across Vietnam, despite an official ban that makes it illegal to eat the creatures. Known as "little tiger", cat meat is served as an accompaniment to beer in Vietnam, with dozens of restaurants in Hanoi having it on their menu. IBT – July 28

Battered and broke, Vietnam fishermen bear brunt of China row
LY SON ISLAND Vietnam (Reuters) - Vietnamese fisherman Dang Van Hoanh sits on the deck of a creaky ferry, nursing a broken leg wrapped in grubby bandages and splinted with wood – Reuters – July 27

Vietnam's taste for cat leaves pets in peril
Hanoi (AFP) - The enduring popularity of "little tiger" as a snack to accompany a beer in Vietnam means that cat owners live in constant fear of animal snatchers, despite an official ban. AFP July 27


Bản Tin Ngày 17 Tháng 7 Năm 2014:

Vietnamese pop champagne as Chinese oil rig leaves
China's decision to move its oil rig from waters claimed by both Beijing and Hanoi near the disputed Paracel archipelago followed more than two months of intense maritime activity. The decision will come as a relief to Vietnamese fishermen who claim they have been harassed by Chinese coast guard ships operating in the area. But the new calm is an uneasy one in the choppy waters of the South China Sea. BBC Jul 17

As Vietnam's women go abroad, dads tend the home
VU HOI, Vietnam (AP) — When his wife moved to Taiwan nine years ago to work as a maid — earning far more than she could in the rice paddies of this northern Vietnamese hamlet — Pham Duc Viet took over the household chores and raised their two children on top of his regular work as a farmer and carpenter Associated Press Jul 17

China finds signs of oil near disputed Paracel Islands
Hong Kong (CNN) -- Signs of oil and gas have been found by a Chinese rig that was drilling off a disputed island chain in the South China Seas, according to Chinese state media CNN - July 16

Chinese Oil Rig Departs, Tensions Remain
On Wednesday the Chinese regime removed its oil rig on from territorial waters claimed by Vietnam. The rig is now headed to waters near China’s Hainan Island, but the tensions and diplomatic harm it created for China will not soon disappear
Epoch Times Jul 16


Bản Tin Ngày 16 Tháng 7 Năm 2014:

Vietnam tells China to keep oil rigs out of its territory
Vietnam on Wednesday demanded that China avoid sending any oil rigs into its territory, after one of the Asian giant's oil rigs finished drilling near the disputed Paracel islands in the South China Sea and was moved towards a southern Chinese province. Deployment of the rig on May 2 set off deadly anti-Chinese riots in Vietnam, while scores of Vietnamese and Chinese ships have regularly squared ... Reuters – July 16

Chinese oil rig moved away from disputed waters off Vietnam
SHANGHAI/HANOI (Reuters) - A Chinese oil rig has finished drilling near the disputed Paracel islands in the South China Sea after finding signs of oil and gas and is being moved away from the area, more than two months after its deployment damaged relations with Hanoi.  Reuters - July 16

China moves oil rig out of waters Vietnam claims
HANOI, Vietnam (AP) — China on Wednesday moved an oil rig out of waters claimed by Hanoi after two months of drilling that triggered a near-breakdown in ties between the neighbors and led to deadly protests in Vietnam. AP July 16

China Removes Contentious Oil Rig From Waters Claimed by Vietnam
On Tuesday, the state-backed China Oilfield Services Limited said the billion-dollar platform, which had been drilling in the heart of highly contested waters claimed by Vietnam, had “precisely extracted the related geological data as planned” and was being redeployed to sea blocks off China’s Hainan Island.
Time – July 16

Apple Looks to Status-Hungry Vietnam for Growth
Bich Ngoc, who earns less than $60 a week and has a newborn son, cobbled together four months of savings to buy the latest iPhone so she could impress her colleagues who have older versions of the device. "I like the iPhone because it is small, light and very delicate," said Ngoc, a 24-year-old accountant in Hanoi who purchased the device last week. Apple Inc. (AAPL) is looking to consumers such
Bloomberg July 16


Bản Tin Ngày 15 Tháng 7 Năm 2014:

In disputed sea, Vietnam and China play high-stakes cat and mouse
NEAR RIG HD-981 South China Sea (Reuters) - - Crewmen in blue camouflage uniforms pour out onto the deck of a Vietnamese coastguard ship as an imposing Chinese vessel guarding a giant oil rig gives chase, gathering steam by the second – Reuters - July 15

Creation of Vietnam's first independent journalists association hailed
On 7 July 2014, Reporters Without Borders hailed the creation of the Independent Journalists Association of Vietnam (IJAVN), the country's first such organization. Its launch on 4 July in Ho Chi Minh City saw the biggest-ever gathering of journalists to promote freely reported and politically independent information. RWB – July 14

Planes in 'near miss' at Vietnam airport
Two planes nearly collided at an airport in central Vietnam after a young intern was left in charge of directing a busy runway, aviation authorities said. – AFP - July 14

China tells U.S. to stay out of South China Seas dispute
BEIJING (Reuters) - China told the United States on Tuesday to stay out of disputes over the South China Sea and leave countries in the region to resolve problems themselves, after Washington said it wanted a freeze on stoking tension. Reuters – July 15

In the heart of the Vietnam China standoff at sea
It's not often you get a chance to see one of the most dangerous flashpoints in Asia. We went on a boat to the South China Sea to check out the latest standoff between Vietnam and China. CNBC – July 14

How Asia is scared of China
A substantial Pew survey of global opinion released on Monday revealed, among other indicators, how majorities in countries across Asia fear the threat posed by China. Beijing's many territorial disputes with its neighbors -- ranging Washington Post - July 14

China’s Territorial Disputes Take Toll on Global Image, Pew Says
China's territorial disputes are taking a toll on its image with many Asians concerned its claims will lead to military conflicts, according to a Pew Research Center report – Bloomberg - July 14


Bản Tin Ngày 4 Tháng 7 Năm 2014:

Chinese Navy Arrests Vietnam Fishermen in Disputed Seas  
Six Vietnamese fishermen were arrested by Chinese naval ships in disputed waters, Vietnam’s state media reported, renewing tensions over a ... Bloomberg  - July 4

Amid China spat, Vietnam to build 32 patrol ships  
HANOI, Vietnam (AP) — Vietnam plans to build 32 new coastal patrol vessels, boosting its maritime muscle and surveillance capacities amid an ... Associated Press – July 4

Chinese patrol ships arrest 6 Vietnamese fishermen  
HANOI, Vietnam (AP) — Chinese patrol ships arrested six Vietnamese fishermen in waters off China's Hainan Island, officials said Friday, an ... Associated Press – July 4

Samsung to build $1B display factory in Vietnam
SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — The display manufacturing unit of Samsung Electronics Co. said Thursday it secured approval from Vietnam to build a $1 billion factory in the Southeast Asian country. Associated Press - Jul 03

Philippines, Vietnam form team to boost alliance
MANILA, Philippines – The Philippines and Vietnam announced on Thursday, July 3, that they will form a commission to forge a stronger, wide-ranging alliance as the two countries face security threats from an aggressive China. The two countries agreed to form a commission to outline a strategic partnership, the Philippines said, ...   Jul 03


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