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Bản Tin Ngày 10 Tháng 4 Năm 2014:

Central Vietnam province up for further industrial development
Quang Ngai, the central province of Vietnam, will further develop its industrial sector in a bid to attract more investments, said a provincial official  Asia News Network   Apr 10

Vietnam Expects To Earn US$1.2 Biilion From Fruit, Vegetable Exports This Year
HANOI, April 10 (Bernama) -- Fruit and vegetable export earnings grew by 32.2 percent to US$215 million in the first quarter of 2014 and are expected to reach US$1.2 billion this year, Vietnam News Agency (VNA) reported citing local media. Bernama   Apr 10

Four Major Vietnamese State-Owned Enterprises That Will File For IPOs Soon
Vietnam's privatization of 432 state-owned enterprises (SOEs), which accounted for 35 percent of the gross domestic product last year, has begun in response to pressure to revitalize the corrupt and inefficient state-owned sector, but the process is slow and may not be a magical cure for the economy. International Business Times   Apr 09

Vietnam takes tough stance against smuggling
Vietnam's Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has affirmed efforts to combat smuggling and trade fraud, urging for strict punishments for officials found to be covering up violations  Asia News Network   Apr 09

Vietnam, Russia to cooperate on aerospace project
The Russian government's legislative commission on Tuesday passed a bill to approve a cooperation agreement with Vietnam to explore and use aerospace for peaceful purposes  Asia News Network   Apr 09

Vietnam, Republic of Korea to counter trade fraud
Vietnam's Ministry of Industry and Trade's Market Surveillance Agency and the Intellectual Property Office of the Republic of Korea (Kipo) have signed an agreement to mutually uphold intellectual property rights Asia News Network   Apr 09

Web satire fosters change in communist Vietnam
A critical blog post could land you in jail in communist Vietnam, but a satirical image of Cinderella which mocks the ruling elite? From their calls for the health minister to resign -- a cause so popular that a state-run newspaper briefly took up the campaign -- to amusing attacks on ham-fisted censorship, Vietnam's ever-growing ranks of Internet users are finding their voice. They're just ... AFP Apr 08

Vietnam may resume firing squads for executions
Country has struggled to obtain the chemicals needed for lethal injections as 678 people wait on death row Vietnam is considering the resumption of execution by firing squad because of problems getting chemicals for lethal injections, state media has reported. The Laborer newspaper quoted minister of public security Tran Dai Quang asking the national assembly to allow the use of firing squads ... The Guardian   Apr 08

Vietnam releases high-profile dissident
One of Vietnam's most prominent dissidents, who was jailed after trying to sue the prime minister, has been freed and has left for the United States, a US official said Tuesday. French-trained lawyer Cu Huy Ha Vu, the son of a Vietnamese revolutionary leader, was sentenced in April 2011 to seven years in prison for "anti-state activity". The release of the 55-year-old, who last year staged a ... AFP Apr 08

Vietnam dissident released, arrives in US
WASHINGTON (AP) — A prominent Vietnamese dissident whose father was an associate of the nation's founding president Ho Chi Minh arrived in the U.S. Monday after being released from prison by Vietnam, the State Department said. Associated Press Apr 07

Vietnam’s women CEOs outperform male counterparts
HANOI – In Vietnam, as in Asia in general, men are the dominant players in business. Women are generally expected to fulfil more servile roles and perform lower status jobs. However, there is a new class of female CEO in Vietnam who are showing that women can not only be the equal of men in business but, in fact, can outdo their male counterparts in financial performance.  Asian Correspondent   Apr 07


Bản Tin Ngày 19 Tháng 3 Năm 2014:

Vietnam sends blogger to prison for critical posts
HANOI, Vietnam (AP) — A Vietnamese court on Wednesday sentenced a dissident blogger to 15 months in prison for posting online criticism of the government, the latest case in an intensifying crackdown against dissent in the one-party communist country. Associated Press Mar 19

Vietnam jails second blogger in a fortnight
Vietnam jailed a prominent blogger for 15 months on Wednesday on a charge of anti-state activity, the second such sentencing in a fortnight in a nation where perceived dissent is severely punished. Pham Viet Dao, 61, a Communist Party member and a former official at the Ministry of Culture, was charged with "abusing democratic freedoms to infringe on the interests of the State" after a half-day ... AFP Mar 19

Vietnam jails prominent blogger
A court in Vietnam jails a prominent blogger for 15 months for anti-state activities, the second sentencing of a blogger in recent days. BBC News   Mar 19

Vietnam leader warns against use of force in territorial rows
Vietnam's president on Tuesday warned against the use of force in territorial disputes as his nation and its neighbours lock horns with an increasingly assertive China over competing claims in the South China Sea. President Truong Tan Sang made the comments in Japan's parliament during a four-day visit. "Vietnam has always maintained these principles over maritime disputes -- resolution by ... AFP Mar 18

Vietnam-Japan ties taken to new high
Japan and Vietnam have decided to elevate bilateral relations into an "extensive strategic partnership   Asia News Network   Mar 18

Vietnam Ramps Up Measures to Clean Up Banking Bad Debt
Vietnam's central bank is stepping up efforts to resolve soured loans and create favorable conditions for foreign investors as it draws up regulation to auction bad-debt assets at lenders. The State Bank of Vietnam and the Ministry of Justice are trying to "quickly" complete legislation that will be a "crucial legal basis" for a government-backed asset management company, lenders and investors Bloomberg Mar 18

Vietnam cuts rates as it seeks to spur growth
Vietnam's central bank on Tuesday cut its key interest rates for the first time in nearly a year in an attempt to kick-start the nation's sluggish economy. The State Bank of Vietnam cut the refinancing rate -- charged on loans to commercial banks -- to 6.5 percent from seven percent. Vietnam last cut rates in May 2013, taking them to their lowest level since late 2009. In 2013, Vietnam's ... AFP News Mar 17


Bản Tin Ngày 5 Tháng 3 Năm 2014:

France condemns Vietnam for jailing prominent blogger
France on Wednesday condemned Vietnam for jailing a prominent blogger and journalist, Truong Duy Nhat, who posted articles critical of Hanoi's Communist government. The foreign ministry in Paris issued a statement saying it "deplores" Nhat's incarceration on Tuesday, saying it went against freedom of expression. Nhat, 50, was found guilty of "abusing democratic freedoms to infringe on the ... AFP Mar 5

Vietnam's Education Nonconsumption Presents Opportunities For Innovation
Forbes   Mar 05
In my blogging over the past couple of weeks, I have mentioned several areas of educational nonconsumption in Vietnam. These are areas where the alternative is nothing, so they are opportunities for disruptive innovations to plant themselves, improve, and transform gradually the education system in Vietnam.

Vietnam jails ex-journalist over anti-government blog
A court in Vietnam sentenced a former journalist to two years in prison on Tuesday for speaking out against the country's communist rulers, a verdict the United States expressed deep concern over and called to be overturned. Truong Duy Nhat, 50, was found to have "abused his freedoms to infringe upon the state's interest" in posts on his blog, the last of which was in May last year, when he ... Reuters Mar 04

Vietnam jails ex-journalist over blog post
Popular blogger sentenced to two years in prison as part of crackdown on Vietnamese criticising communist government. Al Jazeera Mar 04 06:47am

Vietnam_internet_dissent_jailed on anti-state charges
Popular Vietnamese blogger and journalist Truong Duy Nhat was jailed for two years today for posting articles critical of the Communist government and leaders, his lawyer said. Nhat was found guilty of "abusing democratic freedoms to infringe on the interests of the state" at a half-day trial in his native city of Danang on the central coast.... The Malaysian Insider   Mar 04

Vietnam sends blogger to prison for critical posts
HANOI, Vietnam—A dissident blogger was sentenced to two years in prison Tuesday for posting online criticism of Vietnam's authoritarian government, drawing an immediate rebuke from the United States. Denver Post   Mar 04

Vietnam's wood product exports climb to new heights
Export value of wood and timber products in the first two months of 2014 increased 8  Asia News Network  Mar 4 

Indonesia, Vietnam Keen To Boost Cooperation
HANOI, March 4 (Bernama) -- Vietnam and Indonesia are keen to develop comprehensive cooperation in economy, culture, education and peace in the East Sea, Vietnam News Agency (VNA) reported.   Bernama   Mar 4 

Foreign Arrivals To Vietnam Increase In Two Months
HANOI, March 4 (Bernama) - Vietnam welcomed over 1.6 million overseas tourist arrivals in the first two months of 2014, an increase of 33.4 percent over the same period last year.   Bernama   Mar 4

Vietnam index drops 2.2 pct, more falls expected
Vietnam's benchmark VN Index closed down 2.23 percent on Monday as investors sold stocks before funds were expected to unload shares later this month, while buying demand was not strong enough to provide ...    Reuters Mar 03

Entrepreneurs Seek To Transform Education In Vietnam
My last week in Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City was markedly different from my week in Hanoi in ways I did not expect. A spirit of entrepreneurship and optimism about the future of education in Vietnam has been palpable     Forbes   Mar 03

Vietnam slams US human rights report
Foreign ministry spokesman Le Hai Binh on Sunday rejected some allegations in a US human rights report on Vietnam saying they were neither objective nor accurate. According to Binh, some of the asses ..... Asia News Network   Mar 03


Bản Tin Ngày 28 Tháng 2 Năm 2014:

Vietnam Opens First Centre For Surgical Robots
HANOI, Feb 28 (Bernama)-- A centre where robots will conduct endoscopic surgeries was inaugurated at the Central Pediatrics Hospital here on Thursday in conjunction with Vietnamese Physicians' Day, Vietnam's News Agency (VNA) reported.    Bernama   Feb 28

In Vietnam, ‘they don’t shoot their workers’; in Cambodia, they do
Prime Minister Hun Sen has said Cambodia’s garment workers are paid a fair wage, comparing the new monthly wage of $100 to Vietnam’s. He suggests the unions are too demanding and that investors will flee. However, a researcher points out Vietnam is in flux too.    Asian Correspondent   Feb 27

Vietnam says bitcoin transactions are illegal
Vietnam's communist government said trading in bitcoin and other electronic currencies is illegal, and warned its citizens not to use or invest in them. A central bank statement late Thursday didn't spell ... Associated Press Feb 27

Vietnam restricts use of Bitcoin
Vietnam has banned its banks from handling Bitcoins, saying the virtual currency is not legal tender in the communist nation. Bitcoin, invented in the wake of the global financial crisis, is a form of cryptography-based e-money that offers a largely anonymous payment system, but its value is highly volatile. "Since people believe Bitcoin would become more valuable in the future, they tend to ...     AFP News Feb 27

If Vietnam's banks are troubled, why are its shares up?
Bad loans are plaguing Vietnam's banks, with the problem's magnitude remaining a mystery, but investors are still pushing the stock market higher  CNBC   Feb 27

Vietnam on High Alert over Flu Risk
The H7N9 avian influenza may have spread from China for the first time -- Read more on     Scientific American   Feb 26

Vietnam's FDI set to grow in 2014, despite shaky start
Vietnam's's foreign direct investment (FDI) capital in the first two months of the year declined more than 60 per cent to US$1    Asia News Network   Feb 26

Vietnam dissident beaten ahead of diplomat meeting
HANOI, Vietnam (AP) — A Vietnamese dissident said Wednesday that suspected government agents assaulted him and his wife this week as they were heading to a meeting with an Australian diplomat to talk about the human rights situation in the country. Associated Press Feb 25

Visits To Vietnam's Schools Shed Light On Opportunities For Innovation
The highlight of my first week in Vietnam was seeing the children in schools       Forbes   Feb 24


Bản Tin Ngày 25 Tháng 2 Năm 2014:

Vietnam Jan-Feb rubber exports seen down 25 pct y/y to 104,000T
Rubber exports from Vietnam, which overtook Malaysia last year as the world's third-largest producer, are expected to fall 25.4 percent to an estimated 104,000 tonnes in the first two months of 2014 from a year ago, the agriculture ministry said on Tuesday. Revenue from rubber exports in the January-February period is likely to drop 43.3 percent from a year ago to $215 million, the ministry said ... Reuters Feb 25

Bridge collapse kills 7 in northern Vietnam
HANOI, Vietnam (AP) — At least seven mourners were killed and 37 others were injured when a suspension bridge broke as they were transporting a coffin to a graveyard in northern Vietnam, police said Monday. Associated Press Feb 24

Visits To Vietnam's Schools Shed Light On Opportunities For Innovation
The highlight of my first week in Vietnam was seeing the children in schools. Forbes   Feb 24

Obama approves Vietnam nuclear deal
President Barack Obama Monday approved a civilian nuclear pact with Vietnam which could lead to the sale of US reactors to Washington's energy-hungry former war foe. Under the accord, US officials said, Vietnam committed not to produce radioactive ingredients for nuclear weapons and signed up to US nonproliferation standards, which the White House bills as the strongest in the world. Vietnam AFP Feb 24

Vietnam takes steps to curb wildlife trafficking
VIETNAM - Vietnam should act firmly against trafficking in rare and endangered animals or their parts to restore the nation's tarnished reputation in wildlife protection, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung has said. In a directive asking intersectoral forces to conduct more patrols and inspections in border areas including international airports and ports, Dung drew attention to the recent discovery    AsiaOne   Feb 23

Vietnam says bad debt at 9%, below Moody's estimate
HANOI: Bad debt in Vietnam is expected to account for about 9 percent of total loans, after careful calculations, below the 15 percent ratio estimated by Moody's Investors Service, the central bank said in a statement   The Star   Feb 21


Bản Tin Ngày 20 Tháng 2 Năm 2014:

Does Policy Hinder Or Help Innovation In Vietnam's Schools?
HANOI – In certain respects, the dialogue around education in Vietnam isn’t all that different from that in the United States. In both places, the people on the ground in and near schools complain about the restrictive governmental policies from above, and the people in the government complain about the unwillingness of those on the ground to change. Forbes   Feb 20

Vietnam, US cooperate in developing renewable energy
Ho Chi Minh City, Feb 21 (IANS) The US is willing to provide technical assistance and share experience in developing renewable energy in Vietnam, US Consul General Rena Bitter said Thursday - IANS Feb 20

New TV Campaign Aims to Save Vietnam's Wild Tigers
Conservationists in Vietnam have launched a new public service announcement aimed at tackling the use of tiger paste as an impressive gift. While the move has been widely welcomed, some say it is already too late for the country’s last wild tigers. “Using tiger bone paste won’t impress anyone, don’t embarrass yourself” - is the message of a new public service announcement released by Vietnamese ... - Voice of America   Feb 20

In Vietnam's capital, old town braces for makeover
HANOI, Vietnam (AP) — Tourists, hawkers and motorcyclists rub shoulders every morning in the congested alleyways of Hanoi's low-rise Old Quarter, which seems generations away from the office towers and electronics megastores springing up in other parts of the capital. The quarter's street grid, laid out in the 15th century, is still dominated by dilapidated shops selling everything from brass ... Associated Press Feb 19

Vietnam Is Now One Of Diarrhea Vaccine Producer: Official
HANOI, Feb 20 (Bernama) -- Vietnam has become the fourth country in the world and the second in Southeast Asia to be able to produce an anti-diarrhea vaccine for children, Vietnam News Agency (VNA) reported. - Bernama   Feb 19

Vietnam upholds dissident lawyer jail term
One of Vietnam's most prominent dissidents lost his appeal Tuesday against imprisonment for tax evasion, as dozens of supporters protested outside the court against the communist state's crackdown on dissent. Scores of police encircled the Hanoi People's Court of Appeals, which upheld a two and a half year jail sentence for Catholic lawyer and blogger Le Quoc Quan, whose conviction in October ... AFP Feb 18


Bản Tin Ngày 16 Tháng 2 Năm 2014:

Vietnam Protesters Mark Anniversary of Border War with China
Anti-Chinese protesters in Vietnam have marked the 35th anniversary of a bloody border war with China, laying flowers at a temple in central Hanoi.The protesters had wanted Sunday to lay wreaths at a famous statue in the capital, but were blocked by an aerobics class and several dancers playing loud music. The demonstrators suspect the government hired the dancers to block access to the statue ... VOA News   Feb 16

Vietnam deploys dancers to foil protests
HANOI, Vietnam (AP) — Anti-China protesters hoping to lay wreaths at a famous statue in the Vietnamese capital on Sunday were obstructed by an unusual sight of ballroom dancers and an energetic aerobics class held to a thumping sound system. The few who tried to get close to the statue of Ly Thai To, the founder of Hanoi and a nationalist icon, were shooed away. The protesters were marking the 35th Associated Press Feb 15

Vietnam anti-China activists mark 1979 border war
Vietnamese activists on Sunday marked the 35th anniversary of a bloody border war with China, chanting slogans, patriotic songs and laying flowers at a temple in central Hanoi.  - NDTV   Feb 15

Vietnamese officials destroy thousands of poultry killed by bird flu
HANOI, Vietnam, Feb. 12 (UPI) -- More than 400 chickens sick with bird flu were destroyed in central Vietnam to contain the disease that has killed thousands of fowl this month, officials say. UPI   Feb 14

In Vietnam's capital, old town braces for makeover
HANOI, Vietnam (AP) — Tourists, hawkers and motorcyclists rub shoulders every morning in the congested alleyways of Hanoi's low-rise Old Quarter, which seems generations away from the office towers and electronics megastores springing up in other parts of the capital. The quarter's street grid, laid out in the 15th century, is still dominated by dilapidated shops selling everything from brass ... - Associated Press Feb 14

Vietnam's beer firms rush to build factories
Despite ever-growing special consumption taxes on alcoholic beverages and the economic slump, across Vietnam, the number of beer factories keeps on growing      Asia News Network   Feb 13

Vietnam Muted Ahead of Border War Anniversary
Vietnamese media have gone silent prior to the 35th anniversary of the Sino-Vietnamese border war that once strained relations between the two neighboring countries. A senior editor in Vietnam, who wishes to remain anonymous, told VOA’s Vietnamese service that his newspaper received ‘confidential’ instructions from a propaganda watchdog, tightly restricting coverage of the anniversary of the ... VOA News   Feb 12

Vietnam bets on loosening gaming laws to lure high rollers
HO CHI MINH CITY/HONG KONG, Feb 13 (Reuters) - Nguyen Van Tuon seems unconcerned that his business driving Vietnamese gamblers across the border to Cambodian casinos is under threat. "I'll believe it when I see it," said Tuon, waiting in the rain in the suburbs of Ho Chi Minh City for his first fare of the day, when asked about the prospect that Vietnam could soon allow its citizens to gamble at ... Reuters Feb 12


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